Book Review of The Changing Room by Geetika Saigal

About Author:

Geetika Saigal is the author of 5 books and 5 times TEDx Speaker. She’s been awarded the Indian Icon Award, Exceptional Women of Excellence Award, Women Super Achiever Award etc. She is also a founder of Beeja Education which gives platform for new writers as well.

About Book:

The difference between other self-help books and this one is self-made definitions of many phrases like loser Pit, Magic Molecules, Hustle sack, Lollipop Effect etc. and input of writer’s own experiences in many chapters. Changing ourself at the changing speed of the world is the theme of the book. And from explaining to what those changes are, why do we need to change and how can we achieve those desired changes, writer explains everything in a flow and welcomes everyone in the changing room.

Amazing quotes:

  • The real danger in life is not failure. It’s mediocrity.
  • The opposite of fear is action; bravery is the by-product.
  • We are born with the ability to think. But thinking logically is a skill to acquire. Master it.
  • The destination of all our fear differs. However, the origin is the same- uncertainty.
  • You will never know what the situation will be, but you can decide what you will do in each situation.
  • Life is forever changing, but not all changes stay forever. Those that do, change you forever.
  • If we keep associating our state of mind with what is not in our control, we will never be in control. Simple.
  • Goals without purpose are like a car without a steering; it can race but eventually it will crash.
  • ‘Because’ can get you started, but it doesn’t take you all the way through. ‘In spite’ does. For example, do it in spite of failing and failing.
  • When stuff happens to us, we survive it. When we make stuff happen, we live it.
  • Question is the mother of change; and growth its child.
  • Most of us give up, not because of the tough journey primarily but the unpredictability of victory.
  • We grow up twice. Once when we grow up. The other is when we decide to grow up.
  • When you are on your own path, you choose the direction, you decide the speed, and you compete only with your current self.
  • When you run fast and yet not move ahead, the fault is not in your efforts, it’s in your choices.
  • Happiness is the sugar we add to our tea, the color to our painting, the salt to our food. It’s the input, not the output.
  • The smallest sphere of influence creates the largest impact. It fuels the largest one.
  • You are already good. It’s time now to be better. Because good is not good enough.
  • A new you today will be old (soon to come) tomorrow.

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