Pandemic COVID-19

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease announced by WHO on 11th March, 2020. COVID-19 is the official name of corona-virus given by WHO. Cases of pandemic COVID-19 is increasing day by day in thousands. More than 160 countries are suffering from pandemic COVID-19. It initially started in Wuhan region of China. But China is accusing US for originating it.

Pandemic COVID-19

History of Wuhan Virus

The first case of COVID-19 may be related to a 55 years old man living in Hubei Province. And after that it started increasing to whole region of Wuhan in China. Italy, Iran and East Asian countries are suffering most form this virus. Italy is showing rapid number of deaths from last few month. Second highest old age (average) population with popular tourist place are major reasons behind it.

COVID-19 is related to a zoological virus which came through wild animals to humans. It’s main reason is the food habits of Chinese. And the most severe affect of this virus causes the damage to our livers. Corona virus first affect our neck and causes coughing, sneezing with fever and headache. Corona then reduces the spongy nature of liver. That may cause difficulty in breathing.

Precautions for Pandemic COVID-19

To tackle this virus globally many like minded people have initiated some steps. Like Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi initiated the SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) video conferencing meeting. Here SAARC members unanimously started a fund to tackle this virus. And any SAARC country can avail the benefit of this fund. G7 countries also arranged the meeting in similar way to tackle COVID-19.

At individual level we can also fight with this novel COVID-19 by following these guidelines:

  • Clean hands with soap/alcohol based hand rub and water at regular interval.
  • Cover nose and mouth with tissue or flexed elbow whenever coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid social gathering and maintain distance of one meter with anyone.
  • Isolation of persons travelling abroad at least for 14 days for proper checkup.
  • And don’t take any kind of medicines without consultation of Doctor.
  • And never spit and touch anything at public place.
  • Make hand washing and wearing mask while travelling a habit even after this crucial period.

Global Challenge due to Pandemic COVID-19

Overall cases of COVID-19 has reached more than 2,75,000 with more than 11,000 deaths. And in recent times India too saw rapid increase in number of cases with five deaths. Recently, China on global media trying to send the message that China is not responsible for this virus as it originated from US.

In response US too, trying to make this virus region specific by calling it as Wuhan Corona Virus or China Virus. So, in short developed countries like China and US are playing blame game. And nobody is taking global responsibility. Many countries have closed their borders for any foreigners in response to reduce the impact. Although each and every state is thinking about their citizen’s security but organisation to tackle it at one platform is lacking.

Economic Impact

China is the manufacturing hub of many industries including mobile phones. As most number of cases came from China which is more than Eighty Thousand. So, it’s impact is inevitable at global market. As many countries are dependent on China for many ready made or raw materials. So Pandemic COVID-19 is affecting our global economy badly.

In India, we saw a sharp decline in NIFTY and SENSEX, As SENSEX showing largest amount of loss in last many years. Many companies stopped their work and many initiated the work from home like steps. Due to these things total demand reduces so as the price and economy of overall world. We can see the reduction in prices crude oils too, which shows the global shutdown.

Weird Steps Taken by Various Countries to tackle COVID-19

In order to tackle this pandemic virus in respective countries, certain countries have taken kinda weird steps like:

  1. Iranian government released more than 80,000 prisoners from Jails.
  2. UK government are not closing any Public place, and tying to tackle this virus through self immunization technique. Only older people will remain in isolation.

Exceptional Japan

Japan is an exceptional example for tackling this Pandemic COVID-19. Although Japan is the country with highest old age population where more than 25% people are above 65 years. With less than 1000 cases and 35 deaths till March, 20. Japan is able to mange the spread even it shares it’s maritime boundary with China.

The main reason behind this is their cultural change due to various events occurred in the past. Wearing mask while travelling came into their culture due to swine flue and various other flues happened in the past. The people of Japan also do not touch each other while greeting as they call Konnichiwa (Hello) at a certain distance. Also the habit of hand washing at regular interval is the part of their culture.

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