Book Analysis: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Our hardest battles are with ourself and choices we make.

Ever wonder, what if you already are whatever you wanted to be but may be in a different universe. May be every thought is not just a thought but a reality in other universe. As author himself shouts that this book is for anyone who has wondered what their life might look like at the end of the road not taken.

About Author: Blake Crouch (born October 15, 1978) is an American author best known for his Wayward Pines Trilogy, which was adapted into the 2015 television series Wayward Pines. He published Dark Matter in 2016 and admitted that it is his most difficult work yet.

Book Summary:

Professor Jason Dessen is living a happy life with his wife Daniela and 15 years old son Charlie in an American town. He sacrificed his science career for his family and he has no regret for that.

But one evening things changed drastically when a masked abductor kidnapped him and drugged him to make him unconscious.  Then he found himself in a different world where he is an award winning scientist but without his wife or son.

Desperate to know the secrets he went to many places, met with his old friends and came to know about the secret door which he made himself in this world to travel through the multiverse and realized that the abductor was no one but himself from this world.

Now onwards his life become much more complicated and every minute was like his life and death while running from lot of enemies in different worlds. He saw many versions of his life and met many Daniela who was not his wife.

He wanted to go back to his original family but travelling in multiverse and finding his original world was like finding a grain of sand on an infinite beach. Every second world is similar to his own but not his.

And finally, he came to know the formula of inner feelings, just like the wishing door of Doraemon. He has to feel his world and lastly, he came to his original world.

But to his utter surprise here also numerous Jasons were fighting amongst each other to get back his family. Read this amazing novel to find out how he manages to escape all other Jasons and getting his family back.

Personal Experience:

This is one of those few books which I read in almost one go due to excitement and suspense it got after each chapter. It’s more romantic fallacy novel than sci-fi as logical scientific theory was no where to understand the multiverse or even the dark matter. But overall it’s a great read as it make you feel like you are watching a movie.

My interest was developed more after third chapter out 15 as more or less characters and plot has been established by then. Some of the middle part was little bit lengthy but climax has no match and ended well and on high note.

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